As you step in this immense bistro, you can not stop but having a pleasant smile by the noise, great food aroma, design making you think you are in the best french bistro. Food never disappoints. Wines and drinks always paired wonderfully.
Wether you sit at the bar area or in the dining area, you will enjoy this experience.
Weekend brunches are a must to try. Great brunch.

Quand tu entre dans cette immense bistro, on ne peut pas s'empecher de sourire merci au arome de manger, le bruit de bistro et le design qui fais penser tu est dans un des meilleur bistro francais. Le manger satisfait constamment. Les vins et les boisson toujours jumeler parfaitement.
Que tu t'assis au bar our dans la grande salle, l'experience est toujours plaisante.
Les brunch de weekend est un devoir d'essayer. Excellent brunch.
4 stars - based on 4 reviews

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I so love coming here. great wines and the food is so good and very very faired priced. service staff are well trained and pleasant. my go tonplace often


I so like coming here..


Great food, excellent ambiance. It has a real French bistro feel to it. Not an extensive food sélection but it's all excellent. Good choice of beer and wine. Fois Gras is very tasty!


I like it. very good for your money. wines ate great and good prices. food is really top notch

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